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Great knot I used it on to secure my poncho while staying out up the side of a Tor on Dartmoor on a very wet and windy night.
I think I got the knot wrong a couple of times as one or two guy lines came loose, or the wind was just too strong for the knot I made.

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Published on Jan 6, 2014

The adjustable guy-line hitch is one of the most useful knots you can learn for setting up your camp – whether you are using a tarp or a tent. Any shelter which requires a guyline to be attached to a fixed point can benefit from an adjustible guyline hitch.

This knot is clearly useful for fastening tarps, bashas and hootchies to pegs and other fixtures.

Also, tents typically have adjusible sliders and clips to adjust the tension in guylines. These can be lost or broken. So the adjustable guy line hitch is a useful back up to know.

For the ultra-light hikers or event competitors out there, applyin this guy line hitch will allow you to remove all of those adjusters and clips, thus removing a few more grams from your lightweight kit.

The adjustible guyline hitch is a knot that should be in every outdoorsperson’s repertoire…

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