RT Edit – Joe Robinet Vid hiking without a map!

Good tip:- Check around where you’ve stopped for gear you may have dropped/not picked up. Also look for rubbish you may not have picked up.
I like Joe’s concern for his surroundings, cutting off the sawn stumps of a pine tree, 1 for firewood and 2 so it looks better and safer.

21:20 makes a tripod
26:00 Swedish log torch? – in twig stove – Like your one!!!!!

Look how dry that wood is!!!

Really enjoyed that, cheers Joe 🙂

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I travel to the Wildlands non-operating Park to do a bushcraft backpacking solo overnight with my new bushcraft backpack. Designed for me by the Canadian company YNOT.
I hike in for about 5 hours, while testing the new pack, I find a secluded lake, set up camp, cut firewood, explore, cook supper, and spend a very enjoyable night alone in the woods.
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